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Most of the psychological factors that trigger headaches are stressful situations. These include: fear of school, separation from parents, aggression from peers or adults. In these cases, the cause is easy to establish, since the child usually complains of pain before leaving for school, attracting the attention of the parents. Infection is most often the cause of headaches, especially if the body temperature rises, cough and runny nose begins. Particular attention should be paid to meningitis headaches. In this case, it is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, impaired consciousness, muscle tension in the back of the head, and photophobia. Meningitis can be life-threatening, so immediate treatment is needed.
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Headaches in children are very common. Every fifth of the junior schoolchildren complains of this malaise, for high school students this figure is 85%. However, this phenomenon is mostly short-lived. psychological factors; infection; environmental factors; hunger and fatigue; head bruises; migraine; diseases of the teeth, ears, sinuses and eyes; changes in blood pressure (vegetative-vascular dystonia); brain tumors; medicines.

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Another reason can be osteochondrosis and its exacerbation - the squeezed vessels of the neck lead to insufficient oxygen supply from the heart to the brain. Conventional therapeutic techniques are acceptable here, for example, neck massage. Often speaking, talk about contraindications to any massage for pregnant women is meaningless - the head is very far from the pregnant uterus. In addition, high or low blood pressure can cause headaches during pregnancy. Due to their importance, these topics will be considered separately, it is important to remember that it is necessary to monitor pressure during pregnancy with redoubled attention. A headache can also be caused by malnutrition - a decrease in blood sugar - which should not be allowed for pregnant women.

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There is a hormonal and an allergic factor in these pains, and a violation of the vascular tone - such a powerful symptom complex. It is worth saving yourself from migraines with painkillers, excluding aspirin and nurofen, which are contraindicated for pregnant women. However, practice shows that it is possible to remove an attack of a true migraine with antispasmodics only at the beginning, when the vascular tone is increased. In the future, with its progressive decrease, it is practically impossible to help. It is advisable to lie down and relax in a ventilated darkened room, if possible - to sleep. The attack usually ends, as it begins, on its own.

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Expectant mothers often complain of headaches during pregnancy. Sometimes - you read in the answers of expectant mothers to the same pregnant girlfriends on the site - they are advised to endure any pain, since medications are harmful during pregnancy. It is difficult to agree with this, and the fact that headaches during pregnancy are common does not mean that this is the norm - normally nothing should hurt. Often it is pregnancy that triggers the first migraine attack.

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A severe headache was encountered in the life of, probably, everyone, even the healthiest-looking person. One gets the impression that the head is simply splitting into pieces, and it is very difficult to fish out the true cause of the headache from the entire existing list. And, without a reason, it is impossible to prescribe the right treatment and thereby save a person from suffering. The simplest reasons are a sedentary lifestyle and lack of constant physical activity. Be prepared for the fact that if you regularly lack sleep, engage in regular mental overload and work at the computer, then severe headaches will become your constant companions. Sharp pain will come suddenly, as if from nowhere, but it will be more difficult to deal with them every time.

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Other names: stressful headaches, idiopathic, essential, headache of tension of the muscles of the scalp aponeurosis. All of these names reflect the essence of tension headache, which is defined as pain that occurs in response to mental stress resulting from acute or chronic stress. In this case, mental stress can be combined with the tension of the frontal, temporal, occipital or cervical muscles. However, despite the long study period, the exact causes and mechanisms of tension headache development are not fully understood and continue to be the subject of modern research.


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Due to the fact that the anesthetic directly suppresses the impulse that the brain gives in response to the source of pain, the cause itself cannot be resolved directly. That is why it is worth contacting a specialist who will establish the true cause of the ailment and prescribe treatment. Pain in the head on the right can signal not only about problems inside the skull. Often these are the symptoms that characterize metabolic disorders in the body, or the body's intolerance to any element.

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After a while, the pain should go away. As a result of such simple actions, the pain in the left side of the head will disappear, but for how long? That is why, if you find such a symptom in yourself, you must immediately contact a specialist. Osteopathy examines the ratio of the bone structures of the skull, which means it works directly with the source of pain in the head. If the problem lies in the cervical spine, then it will not be difficult for the osteopath to identify it to the osteopath either, but for this it is necessary to conduct a full examination and only then prescribe any treatment. Pain in the left side of the head, like any other pain, should in no case be ignored, because its consequences can be the most unpleasant and even deplorable. Therefore, try not to delay the treatment, because it may happen that any treatment will no longer be able to solve your health problem.

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Almost all people periodically face such a problem. A headache in the temples can be due to many reasons. There are more than 45 diseases in which a person experiences pain in the temples. However, if the headache in the temples is not associated with trauma, fluctuations in blood pressure, and appears only periodically, most likely we are talking about pain due to muscle tension or migraine, which occurs due to impaired cerebral circulation and nervous regulation of cerebral vessels. The cause of pain in this case is a spasm of one of the branches of the carotid artery.

At the same time, due to irritation of the nerve endings that are in the walls of blood vessels, pain in the temples appears. Pain in the left side of the head can be different in its manifestation: burning, shooting, pulling. No matter how it is, it is necessary to fight it. Not only is it undesirable to endure pain - it is often impossible. It can manifest itself in sharp spasms or it can grow.